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NZDA Range 

Our club has access to a local range about 20 mins from Queenstown where you can shoot up to 800m.

The club leases the range off Reel Hunting for all members of the branch on alternate Sundays year round*, and on request for evenings during Daylight Savings.
(*Unless the Sunday falls on a public holiday and then on request)

Just text or call the range officer for the day if you want to shoot so that you can organise a time with them.
No one is allowed to shoot without a range officer present, however if you are a range officer you can attend alone.
Range officer courses are arranged periodically - check the events page

On our club dates ie Sundays the range is FREE to members of the local club

There is a 100m, 200, 300 and 600 yard target and a separate .22 or .17 range which is ideal for kids or sighting in rimfire type rifles.

Members can take guests and they will need to read the standing orders (rules) for the range in advance.

Further information about the Range

Directions: Coming from Queenstown, drive over the Crown Range Saddle then downhill, after it flattens out, there is a gravel area on the left and the road now has an overtaking lane from the Wanaka direction. This turnoff is 25 kms from the turnoff at SH6 onto Crown Range road.

The gate to the range is opposite the gravel pit on the right, pull in to the gravel pit and check the gate is open.

There is a red sign on the gate that says "close gate after you" on the entrance. PLEASE close the gate as there is stock in the area.

Caution is required when turning into the range entrance. This is a high speed area ensure the gate is open and there is no oncoming traffic before pulling across the lanes to enter the property.

Facilities: Portaloo toilets and earth shooting platforms for 100m, 200m and up to 700m

Parking:  Where possible please car pool as there is limited parking at the moment at the range

Health and Safety:

This is still a new site with some construction in progress with multiple hazards, wear sensible shoes and maybe consider leaving kids at home if you can't keep an eye on them

Absolutely no dogs to be brought to the range, even if left in the vehicle. You will be sent home with your dog.

Club members, partners and family members are free, friends not members will need to pay $50 each time or join either the NZDA or Jonos Reel Hunting membership.

The dedicated range officers will control the range, their instructions will ensure your safety.

Failure to observe the 7 basics of firearms safety or the Range Officer’s instruction will also get you sent home.

Absolutely no bolts to be in rifles or ammo to be chambered until you are on the mound and under Range officer direction.

If shooters are forward of the firing line and the range is closed while checking targets NO FIREARMS ARE TO BE HANDLED.

EYE and EAR protection are to be worn when shooting or on the firing line, this is mandatory. If you won’t protect yourself the range officer will protect you by sitting you in your car.

Cell coverage is limited at the range

Range dates


Address: PO Box 1648, Queenstown, 9348

+64  021 942 328,

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