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  • 2022 HUNTS course (Hunter National Training Scheme)

2022 HUNTS course (Hunter National Training Scheme)

  • 2 Jul 2022
  • Queenstown area
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Hunter National Training Scheme 

DATES CONFIRMED - weekends of 2&3 July, 9&10 July and 23&24 July

The Hunter National Training Scheme (HUNTS) course is delivered by The Southern Lakes New Zealand Deerstalkers Association instructors and is designed to introduce new hunters to the skills needed to hunt below the snowline.

Experienced hunters may find value in some sections of the course. A Firearms licence is not necessary. This is ideal for anyone wishing to learn about hunting.

Course Contents:

  • Essential bush skills
  • River safety
  • Firearm safety in a hunting context
  • Practical shooting and hunting ballistics
  • Hunting techniques
  • Species knowledge
  • Game utilization (skinning, butchering, etc)

Participants must have a reasonable level of physical fitness and access to personal tramping equipment.

Cost per person $450.00 (Incl GST),


  • HUNTS Manual
  • Ammunition
  • Hunting trip travel & accommodation (food not included)

Weekend 1 (2nd & 3rd July 2022):

Saturday, all day, start time 8:30am

Location - Queenstown Central (next to Five Mile Frankton)

Welcome, housekeeping and introductions.  All you need to bring is pen/pencil and paper for taking notes, and your lunch.  We will supply the tea, coffee, biscuits and course manuals.  Course modules covered:

  • Ethics, Ecology & Regulations
  • Game Animal Species in New Zealand
  • Meat, Skins & Trophies
  • Hunting Techniques
  • Firearms Selection, Safety & Marksmanship

Sunday, start time 8:30am and done early afternoon

Location - local hobby farm, details to be distributed on the Saturday

Hands-on butchery session and knife sharpening

Weekend 2 (9th & 10th July 2022):

Saturday, all day, start time 8:30am

Location - Queenstown Central (next to Five Mile Frankton)

Another full classroom day.  Course modules covered:

  • Equipment & Food
  • Travel & Navigation
  • When Things Go Wrong (Emergency management)

Sunday, most of the day, start time 8:30am

Location - local rifle range, details to be distributed on the Saturday
  • Full day using a range of different firearms
  • Firearms safety
  • Sighting in
  • Shooting positions and techniques
  • Firearms maintenance/cleaning

Weekend 3 (23rd & 24th July 2022):


Meet at the pre arranged accommodation 7pm (about 2 hours from Queenstown).  Arrive with all your gear—we will let you know what you will need to bring.


Hunt all day ,some bushcraft/ navigation.


River safety/ River crossing exercise, You WILL get wet!

Travel Home.


You will be invited along to the club meeting on successful completion of your course and presented with a certificate 


Address: PO Box 1648, Queenstown, 9348

+64  021 942 328,

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