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Goat Competition Last Entry Event

  • 26 Nov 2023
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Lake Hayes Estate


The National Goat Competition closes this SUNDAY (Not at the meeting next week)

We have a number of members that live a distance away and to help speed up the process of entering everyone that has recently shot a goat (and not entered yet) we have a form for you to enter your details in

The judges will be able to take the information from this form and enter you onto the official DOC competition form.

Completing this form will mean you will not have to attend or bring the tails on Sunday (unless you want to) but please freeze them as we will be collecting them at a later stage.

Proof of goats shot

We know it is not always safe to retrieve and cut off every tail so thanks for the many photos of dead goats to date to verify your tally. The judges will be checking your totals entered with the trip leaders on the recent club hunts, other NZDA members and your photos you have sent in.

If there are any discrepancies (or unbelievable figures), they will call you before entering your details and may ask for further proof (photos and/or tails).

The final entry day for heads and any additional entries is Sunday 

Spot Prizes
We have some awesome spot prizes for the competition entries (PLB, $100 Huntech voucher etc ) and we will be awarding the spot prizes from all the entries at the Xmas BBQ on the 10th Dec

Remember the last date to enter is Sunday 26th Nov 6pm - 8pm at 24 Herries Lane, Lake Hayes Estate, Queenstown

Please complete the entry form before then to help us get all the entries in. 


If you are entering a goat head, please call Katie Dugan in advance as she may be able to score it before Sunday

Further Reading and details of the prizes and categories are on this link 

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