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Club Range Day

  • 3 Aug 2024
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Fairlight Range

Range operated by NZ Wild Ltd 

Open Sunday 3rd Aug 2024 10 am to 3 pm

This range near Fairlight (Kingston) is now fully certified and open for sporting and hunting rifles

  • Bolt action centre fire and rimfire
  • Shotguns all types
  • Semi-automatic rimfire
  • P endorsed firearms with appropriate current endorsement

And has the following distances available:

  • 25m – Rimfire when target board is in place
  • 50m - Rimfire and Centrefire
  • 100m - Centrefire and Rimfire
  • 200m – Centrefire and rimfire

    (Please supply your own targets and stapler).
There are also steel targets at 200, 360 and 480 meters.

NZDA members are invited along this weekend 

The range can only be open whilst a Range Officer is in attendance.

The Range Officers are approved by the Shooting Range Operator responsible for the safe running of the range.

Shaun Moloney is the Shooting Range Operator (SRO). Text him on 0274421605 or email if you are heading down this weekend. 

The range fees are (please bring cash to the range):

·       $10 for Southern Lakes NZDA, SASI members and Athol Hunting club members.

·     NZDA members must produce their membership card

·       $10 for family group with children and wife/partner of club members.

·       $20 for guests holding a firearms licence.                                     

Be prepared to produce your Firearms Licence please.

No dogs are allowed on the range (this includes those left in vehicles). This is a working farm with sheep and cattle.  If you bring your dog you will be asked to leave.  There are no exceptions.

NZ Wild Ltd operate the Fairlight Range as a Firearms Safety Authority certified shooting range open to sporting and shooting clubs and the general public.

For essential further reading refer to:

Range introduction information

Range standing orders

Thanks to our supporters

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